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HeartSprings & the Use of the BioMat

Health care professionals all over the world are using the BioMat to augment and enhance their treatment options. The BioMat complements many health disciplines, providing a pleasant and stimulating treatment experience for patients and excellent short and long-term results. HeartSprings finds that the BioMat enhances clients/patient treatments, and adds value for their clients/patients.


The patented BioMat system was developed by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, medical professionals and engineers who found an innovative way to capture the proven benefits of far infrared treatment and negative ion therapy in a range of products that are durable, comfortable, cost-effective and easy to use.  The efficacy of BioMat source technology has been confirmed by numerous third-party sources, and the product has been subjected to a battery of antibacterial, electromagnetic and emission power tests.




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