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Is there anyone you don't know who isn't affected by cancer in some way or another?  Cancer seems so prevalent, the "disease of our age" so to speak.  So, learning about cancer, its treatments and options is an important part of taking charge of your care. The National Cancer Institute has all the facts and figures about ALL types of cancer at:

Make sure you find the right doctor who will work with you in your care.  We are blessed to have two fine cancer treatment centers right here in Fargo and in the surrounding area.

But, we at HeartSprings know that cancer isn't all about facts and figures.  We know that you are dealing with life and death.  We know that you are grieving the person you were, to the person you are and will become.  We know that it is scary.  We know that this disease doesn't leave any part of you untouched because cancer not only affects your body, but your soul too.  So, we leave the treatment up to the doctors, but we can help in complementing the treatment by reducing the severity of the side effects, maximizing the effects of the treatments, help calm your anxiety and

fears, provide you with emotional and spiritual support to give you hope and courage and even a bit of laughter, and during survivorship help to grow YOU into a whole and healed person.  Of course, there's no magic wand for all of this to happen and it takes effort (which when your exhausted doesn't sound very appealing).  But, I guarantee your transformation happens on all levels of your being when your cancer is met with effort.  And it takes courage and some tools!

Please call for an integrative assessment today to find out the next step in your wholistic healing plan at #701-261-3142.


"Courage is doing what you're afraid to do.  There can be no courage unless you're scared."
~Edward Vernon Rickenbacker~
[Taken from the Cancer Crusade website]

OK, so YOU have to find the courage, but what are some tools?
With our expertise and knowledge of over 10 therapists (occupational, physical), nurses, chaplain, and yoga professionals we will guide you, but let you make the final decision.  We are pleased to say that we have the support of the Embrace program at Sanford health systems (which is a survivorship program run by Dr. Terstriep) and Essentia Health cancer center for the skill and expertise our staff will bring to you.  Please call to make an appointment with us if you want to try a complementary approach to your current care program  #701-261-3142.



Updated August 2015