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Movement Therapies


Movement therapies cover a whole host of movements.  Some of these movements are many centuries old such as yoga.  Other movements have been updated or westernized such as the T'ai Chi Chih which has been revised for our culture and has 19 movements and one pose developed by Justin Stone compared to traditional T'ai Chi Chuan movements which can range from 24 to 229 (I don't think many of us would stick around for 229 movements)! 

But, movement is an important part of our lives.  It is what keeps us healthy.  It often delineates whether we are sick or have a disorder or disability.  But, no matter whether you are dealing with just getting older or in pain or are currently living with a disease, we know it is important for you to MOVE! 

HeartSprings offers movement classes to not only keep you at your prime, but to actually change your brain!  So, let's MOVE!



Movement Classes


· Yoga for Chronic Pain

· Mindful Movements Yoga

· MELT yoga

· T’ai Chi Chih®

· Chair Yoga

· PWR! Moves

· Sound Therapy