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Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is when your brain stops making an important chemical called dopamine. This chemical helps your mood and your body to move.  If you do have Parkinson's, you can feel better by taking a pill that replaces that chemical in the brain that makes your body feel better.  It is best to go to a neurologist who is specialized in movement disorders to work with your medications to make sure they are properly adjusted.   But, there are other ways to change your brain too through movement, nutrition, meditation, prayer, art, etc. that can help reduce your symptoms and support your functioning! 

So, if you’re willing to work we can teach you skills to reduce anxiety and depression and offer classes and courses that will lift your mood, improve your balance, and offer a supportive community while you’re at it!


COMING SOON: HeartSprings will begin trialing the Voice Pro soon! The Voice Pro helps with vocal quality, tone, and volume. 

Stay tuned for updates on our website and on Facebook!


Innovative New Therapy for those

Living with Parkinson's Disease

      HeartSprings is currently the only center in the US working with the iLs system and those living with Parkinson's Disease. 

                                           Click here for a flyer that describes the Integrated Listening System.  


If you know someone that could benefit from iLs, contact us today for a FREE consultation!


PWR! Moves

PWR! Moves is based on the principles of Lee Silverman's BIG program and is expanded.  Dr. Becky Farley, co-creator of the BIG program has developed PWR! Moves taking neurological exercise to a new level!  Research shows that exercise is key to improving and delaying the progression of PD symptoms. The class will emphasize and increase flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.  We are also adding in eye coordination exercises as well (good for the brain)!

PWR! Moves is incorporated into our Integrated Listening System (iLs) Therapeutic Movement classes. 

Tremble Clefs Regional Choir




                                                       Click here to go to the Tremble Clefs Choir page for more information!



Updated February 2017