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The Dreampad™



We are a wired and tired nation!

In general, 74% of American adults use a caffeinated beverage every day and as of 2011, 60% of Americans filled prescription sleeping aids!


So, why is sleep important?

Sleep affects your mental alertness and physical endurance. 


Did you know?

Your brain’s waste removal system only operates during deep sleep. The inability to detox your brain at night can lead to irritability, cognitive impairment (US military researchers found that sleeplessness is one of the leading causes of friendly fire), memory lapses, impaired moral judgment, severe yawning, hallucinations and symptoms similar to ADHD.


Other symptoms from sleep deprivation include: impaired immune system; risk of type 2 diabetes; increased heart rate variability and risk of heart disease; risk of obesity; growth suppression; and decreased accuracy, tremors, and aches in your muscles.


The Dreampad

The Dreampaddelivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear.  The process brings about a relaxation response for the body and mind which has been aptly described as a ‘massage to the nervous system.’



How does the Dreampad work?

Every time we speak we hear ourselves in two way: externally and internally.  Our voice carries through the air waves and enters our outer ear; simultaneously, the vibration from our larynx is carried by the body (primarily our bones, which are excellent conductors) to the inner ear.  Have you ever noticed that your voice sounds different when you’re hearing it played back in a recording?  The difference is because you’re not getting the resonance of the internal sound you receive when you speak.

The Dreampad technology replicates this natural process by playing music through transducers which convert the music into a vibration that travels internally to your inner ear.




HeartSprings research, in 2014, utilizing the Dreampad with ten veterans from three different wars (Vietnam, Gulf, OEF/OIF) the pillow appeared to work in three ways:


¨ Help them fall asleep faster

¨ Help them fall back asleep after a nightmare or even change the pattern of the re-occurring dream

¨ Help reduce the PTSD symptoms of the nightmare such as sweating, heart pounding, etc. after it occurred

Want to get a Dreampad™?

Go to You will be supporting HeartSprings (an ND non-profit).  You can use the code JNDreampad at checkout, and make sure you click on "Apply" to save 10% as well as receive a free month to trial the pillow.  

Note:  HeartSprings suggests, however, that sometimes people didn't see the best results they could until they had used it consistently over a period of 2-3 months!  So, keep at it! 


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