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HeartSprings strives to bring quality integrative medicine to meet many types of medical needs. The following quotes are from clients, families, and the public we serve.


Emotion Code 

"HeartSprings has made a difference in my life...I feel like I am able to love others now." —Anonymous


"My mother attended the HeartSprings program after experiencing a stroke. After my mother completed her traditional therapies, we decided to try some alternative options for her well-being through the HeartSprings program. I noticed an immediate positive change in my mother, and she looked forward to the classes and very much enjoyed the instructors and socializing with the participants. HeartSprings offers impactful programming that positively benefits the whole person: spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. We are so grateful, and I highly recommend the HeartSprings program." -Anonymous

The Dreampad/Sleeplessness 

 “I use the pillow three times a week.  It helps me get back to sleep within 10-15 minutes instead of hours like it used to.” —C.S.


 “I use the pillow 3-7 times a week.  I am still restless, but it helps reduce the nightmares.” —C.D.  


“I LOVE that pillow! I am sleeping almost all night, every night for six hours!” —J.S.


“I am using the pillow every night.  It helps me get to sleep in about 15-20 minutes but due to back pain I will wake up after three hours...” —G.L.


“That pillow was great!  I’d recommend it to anyone! I am using it every night and it helps me fall asleep.  I have nightmares 3-4 times a week and the Dreampad® helps me get back to sleep sooner than before.” —G.B.

“I use the Dreampad® every night.  It’s reduced the time it takes to fall asleep.  It is calming and reduces my anxiety!  I have less frequent nightmares and it helps in falling back to sleep.” —B.K.


“I use the pillow 2-3 times a week.  If I am in a nightmare I get up and turn on the lights and get the pillow.  It helps to break the pattern of the same nightmare, some of the time, and helps me get back to sleep.” —L.J.


“I often start projects and then don’t continue.  Your phone call was a good reminder to try the pillow again since I am still having nightmares.” —T.S.


 “I use the Dreampad® almost every night.  I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, feeling more refreshed in the morning.  After having a nightmare it takes me 10-15 min. to fall asleep and my nightmares are less in number and less in intensity.  Pain level is about the same but is not getting worse. But I have less days with pain than before. My pain comes and goes with the amount of activity that I do. I feel ‘good’ more often.” —B.A.   


“I have gone through lots of counseling, treatment and groups for pain, PTSD and sleep. Having the Dreampad® is a useful tool to help drown out the noise and ringing in my head. I think the vibration in the pillow helps my brain relax.”—Anonymous

Laughter Yoga


"This pain yoga course was great.  I recommend this program/yoga to anyone, especially veterans with chronic pain.  I am able to move much better.  My range of motion is incredible compared to before I started this yoga.  My pain is much less, blood pressure is down.  I am not taking my muscle relaxers at this time.  I am losing weight and generally feel much better!!”—B.A.

"Class was great.  Even on a bad pain day I could get on the floor and do movements.  Helped with focus."—P.J.